New Membership Program: ThirdSuite Nonprofit Scholars 

Important question for current and aspiring nonprofit leaders:

Do you feel confident in your ability to lead your organization?

If your answer is anything short of an enthusiastic "YES!", I want to help you. Your community needs your unique leadership skills:

• New research estimates that we’ll need 80,000 new leaders in the nonprofit sector each year • A recent survey of nonprofit leaders found that only 20% felt they had the leadership abilities to help their organization achieve its goals • Nonprofits mistakenly place enormous emphasis on conferences and seminars, even though these are not associated with improved outcomes 

In short, we need courageous nonprofit leaders. With the right knowledge, accountability, and tools, you CAN confidently lead your organization to create incredible impact. 

Here's How it Works

Sign up to join ThirdSuite Nonprofit Scholars at the special introductory rate of $29.97/month. You may cancel at anytime. Once you join, you'll receive an email to create an account on our membership portal. 



Each week you'll receive a new webinar in your member portal. 


 Share your thoughts and questions with your peers in a supportive online community.

Get Answers

Each month, we'll host a Q+A session that addresses all of the questions asked within the online community.


With new knowledge and a support network, confidently lead your nonprofit.

Meet Your Guide

Sheela Nimishakavi, MA,MPH 

Hi! I'm Sheela- I've worked with nonprofits around the country for over a decade to scale up operations and increase organizational capacity. I wholeheartedly believe in the potential of the nonprofit sector to create positive change in our communities, and I want to help you create that change.

What You Can Count On

For LESS than the cost of most webinars, you'll receive:  

- 50+ webinars each year - Access to a supportive online community of peers and consultants - Most importantly, you'll receive answers to your questions

July 22, 2019

Register once the cart opens to get locked in at the special introductory rate of $29.97 / month. 

August 5, 2019

Your first webinar will be available in the member portal!